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QRAWL.IN is about

Finding new content while you are out there exploring; taking over your city. Tag codes and share them with the world to find.

QRAWL.IN was born from the idea to bridge urban spaces. As more and more people, specifically in Asia, chose to urbanise to benefit from the vibrant and inspiring environment that promises to offer many opportunities, we can already NOW see the strain on the environment. Therefore, we have to look at a different urban design paradigm. If we now further factor in the scale that especially the Asian cities will have in the future and we understand that theses cities use 80% of the worlds energy the problem is obvious. If we are not starting here at the heart of the problem we are lost.
Our vision is to build the tools to help the world’s cities to become inclusive, innovative, healthy, soulful and thriving.

You will need to use the Qyu app to upload tags to QRAWL.IN
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About the app


Qyu is the evolution of modern urban living into a smarter, fully interactive, mobile, location-based, immersive, and fun experience.Within the world of Qyu, there is always something to do. Find novels you have not read yet in one of the participating coffee houses. How about an interactive build-your-own adventure like scavenger hunt? Whatever you chose to do, our quests are interactive, dynamic, live and on location. So you can enjoy your life.